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Advisory Board Playbook

Behind every great business is a group of highly networked and influential industry veterans who have the know-how to take your company to the big leagues. Advisory board members are your strategic accelerators and choosing the right dream team is a necessary step in dream building. 

Brand Playbook

On the low end, it costs over $10,000 to create and build a brand. On the high end, it can cost millions annually. All of the investment in your company story, name, logo, website, video, social media, advertising, blogs and team is positioning your company’s brand for maximum impact.

Co-Marketing Playbook

Nicole starts every marketing conversation with small businesses by asking, “Who can you partner with to get your message out to the masses?” Being a successful small business is about mastering the art of leverage. 

Communication Playbook

Did you know that your communication drives your company campaigns and engagement with internal and external stakeholders? A strong playbook and activation of communication can deliver low cost, high value repeatable experiences that create wins for your business.

Culture Playbook

Infusing strategy into the culture of your company will turn your employees into your team. Add strategic thinking into your team trainings and ongoing team engagement. 

Customer Acquisition Playbook

Master the art of sales by using a mix of media and engagement tools to target new customers. Before you make significant investment, zero in on the new customer segment through an intensive customer discovery process.

Government Playbook

Have you ever considered making a government agency or authority your customer? The U.S. government is the largest consumer of goods and services nationally and local states and municipalities are significant players in the market.

Innovation Playbook

Nicole says, “If you’re not changing or evolving your product or service to meet today’s customer, you are yesterday’s solution.”  Innovation doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be an easy addition of technology (I.e. point of sale platform that makes appointments). Or it can be a tweak to a process that sends a communication to your customer after a step in your sales process. 

Investor Playbook

We know you’ve made major sacrifices to become an entrepreneur- zeroing out your bank account, selling your house and liquidating your 401K account and more. Now it’s time to retrain your brain. Repeat this mantra –  I can build my business using other people’s money. 

New Market Playbook

Selling into a new market with success requires getting the data you need about the customer population you are targeting. Nicole recommends that you start by creating a customer profile to understand habits, preferences and needs. 

Partnership Playbook

The solopreneur is a growing segment of entrepreneurs with an estimated 40 million Americans participating as independent consultants, freelancers and regular side giggers. What can accelerate the solopreneur into growth mode? 1 word. Partnership. 

Philanthropy Playbook

Nicole believes that a giving business is a living business. Your company’s engagement with nonprofits and causes will connect you to the philanthropic community. Volunteering with nonprofits is a growth hack into meeting movers and shakers in a range of industries. 

PR Playbook

Getting noticed and featured by the media can be a game-changer in building awareness for you and your company. When the reporter comes knocking, Nicole wants you to be ready with your story, company overview, photos and videos.

Signature Event Playbook

Everyone loves a great party and the Signature Event play is the chance for you to make your business the host with the most. Create a live or online experience that stimulates the taste buds and brain buds and drive your guests to the desired destination. 

Top 10 Customer Playbook

When you look back on the year and do an accounting of your most valuable customers, Nicole wants you to take note of who they are, what demographic they are in, why they are loyal to your brand and how you can find more customers like the ones you currently have. 


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