A Daughter’s Poem for Her Dad in Heaven

Father’s Day is a National Day of celebration of the father and father figures that are present with love, support and guidance. For those of us with Father’s who have passed on, it’s important to also mark the day with reflections and remembrances of our loved ones.

I wrote this poem days after my father passed away. I was under the hairdryer and as the tears poured out, so did these words:

Poem for my Father, Curtis Valentine

The Father, The Man

He’s the father who teaches you how to ride a bike,
He’s the man who fixes everyone’s bike in the neighborhood and gives bikes away to those who want one.

He’s the father who teaches you how to drive,
He’s the man who buys another family a car so they can get to work.

He’s the father who teaches you how to throw a baseball, football and shoot a basketball in the hoop,
He’s the man who encourages every kid to excel in sports and above all, be a team player and sportsman.

He’s the father who gives his children a dog to love and care for,
He’s the man who loved animals and would show up to your door with a dog who needed a home.

He’s the father who takes care of his mother and gives her a home full of love to live in during her most vulnerable moment,
He’s the man who visited the sick and aging in nursing homes, prayed, read the Bible and took them the little things they wanted like a piece of pie.

He’s the father who loves his children,
He’s the man who treated every child he touched with love and compassion.

He’s the father who makes photocopies of report cards and passes them out because he is proud of every high mark,
He’s the man who would give you money for good grades.

He’s the father who plays the lottery,
He’s the man who gave all of his winnings away.

He’s the father who loves clothes,
He’s the man who was handsome, charming and memorable.

He’s the father who embodies generosity,
He’s the man who passed out candy to see the smile on the faces of children.

He’s the father who builds a business with his wife,
He’s the man who created jobs and hope.

He’s the father who could pass for any race,
He’s the man who spoke up when he heard the N-word and made personal sacrifices for justice.

He’s the father who wants his grandson to go pro and his grand daughter to live the life of a princess,
He’s the man who leaves a legacy he can be proud of.

He’s the father who gives his daughter confidence, protection and high standards,
He’s the man who wanted every girl to keep their innocence and every woman to be respected.

He’s the father who gives his son his legacy of giving and community,
He’s the man who raised the bar for manhood, fatherhood and integrity.

He’s the father who serves his country, survives a war and comes home disabled,
He’s the man who lifted veterans with hope and took care of the parents of a best friend lost in battle.

He’s the father who loves his wife,
He’s the man who said her name 10 times a day even until his last breath.

He’s the father who’s last words to me was a kiss,
He’s the man who had the courage to fully love and wear his heart on his sleeve.

He’s the father who beat cancer up and defied the odds,
He’s the man who fought hard for his life so that he could stay with his family one more day.

He’s the father who said “take care of your mommy and make the house in Virginia a family retreat”,
He’s the man who will be laid to rest in his favorite place on Earth.

He’s the father who I will love forever,
He’s the man I will never forget.

With love, your daughter.

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