Partner, Lover, Friend

Please don’t joke on me. I just remembered R. Kelly has a song titled ‘Homie Lover Friend’ and I’ve been doing this Partner Lover Friend relationship exercise for years now. This exercise in no way endorses him or his music. So, if you can drown that 90’s beat out of your head, let’s get serious about the elements of a beautiful relationship and lasting bond.

In my single life, I would ask my dates what mattered more to them in a relationship- having a Partner, a Lover, or a Friend. As time would tell, I learned that their answers were not based on what they most valued but based on where they most failed in their previous relationship.

So, if they were criticized for not being a great team player, they would put more value on partnership. I remember the question being thrown back at me and I said ‘Lover.’ I felt that at the time being a Partner and Friend was easy for me, but being a great Lover was more complicated based on previous experiences where I didn’t connect in that way with loved ones. If I were to answer today, I would still say ‘Lover,’ because without it in a relationship, you could seriously turn into what seems like a brother/sister relationship and go on for years without connecting and becoming one. Of course, balance is important and all of these roles when performed in a relationship make it strong.

Which one do you think brings strength to a relationship?

Relationships are like photographs. When made public, neither lie. Body language, eye contact and words can reveal the truth about what’s really there. Let’s share some power couples and you vote on whether their image presents them as stronger Partners, Lovers or Friends. We’ll share the results. #BossRelationshipEnvy

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